Knee Stories

Updated 7/22/2015

Personal Stories are a great way to help other people learn about knee surgery, post-op recovery and problems.  Learning and being informed is the best way to prevent surprises. Doctors don't often have time to talk to you in detail, so reading about other people's experiences helps you understand what is involved.

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Diane Vellucci

Revision due to Allergy 2014

95 Year Old Receives TKR  


Oxford Partial Knee Replacement 2008


John Lapointe

Bilateral Knee Replacement with Dr. Bose of India 2007

Richard Hutchinson


Ms. Sharon

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement 2008

Mike Rowlison

Dr. Fisher Oxford Partial Knee Replacement 2008

Nancy Strk

Partial Knee Replacement by Dr. Westrich 2008

Robena Foland

Oxford Partial Knee Replacement

Jane's Story

Bilateral Knee Replacement 2008

Mary McMullin

Oxford Partial Knee Replacement 2008

Jay Litty

Total Knee Replacement 2008


Janet Kornblum

Total Knee Replacement 2007


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